A company with a mission

Our goal is to better the world with the positive vibes of Mister Pawa, to inspire people to discover their own superpower.
The name Superpawa is our version of superpower.

We are bundeling cultures together, because we believe that every piece of the world has something great to enrich us.
Mister Pawa has African roots and our Matcha energy drink is inspired by the Zen Buddhist monks. We look forward to dive into more great cultures and traditions to bring them to you!

We feel the world needs change and more kindness. We believe this is possible. Being respectful and aware can have such a great impact. We hope to inspire to respect every living being, to help each other. We are here to fight for better lives of animals, people in need and help nature that is being destroyed. Let’s do this together, let’s take care of the planet and bring back the ocean and rainforests in their natural habitat, so we keep all beautiful species alive.



What our customers think about us

SuperPawa, perfect beginning of my day!
Michael van den Adel
You can taste it is a healthy alternative for an energy drink and so delicious! I am hooked.
Yvette Houtgraaf
A perfect and delicious energy drink that suits my busy DJ schedule. Mister Pawa is the bomb!
Leroy Styles
DJ Leroy Styles
Mister Pawa, this dude is my bro and Superpawa gets me tru my long days each time. The taste is epic and finally a healthier energy drink!
Amrit Hoeba
Perfect snowboarding fuel! Superpawa is a staple for me.
Jurian Luyten
Superpawa has a great vibe and mission. It is an energy drink that stands out and is completely unique.
Rover Dullaart
Kite Surfer